Vincent MPH
Riley inspired Rag Top

About the Vincent MPH
Pre-war Replica Cars

British sportscars - a classic replica inspired by 1930s' Riley cars

The Vincent MPH was inspired by the original Rileys of the 1930s, seen below in the form of an Original Riley MPH.

Below, Riley Sprite, very similar to the Riley MPH.

There was once a time, some fifty years ago, when even the most humble of motor cars had a fair measure of that indefinable term: Character !! associated with Vintage and Classic cars.

Indeed the sportier ones exuded a style and charisma undreamt of by today`s automotive technological wonders !!

It`s to this golden era in the development of the British sportscar – the thirties – that the Vincent-MPH roadster is dedicated and from here it can trace its inspiration as well as its form !!

Originally conceived by “Autocar & Motor” road tester Martin Vincent, then further refined and developed to exacting standards by ex-aircraft and race car engineer, Toni Dwornik. So the Vincent MPH now benefits from the uniquely balanced blend of Thirties styling and Modern technology!!

It's built to last, the chassis is jig assembled and Mig welded from 1/8″ thick hollow box section steel and generously cross braced. A surface treatment of oven baked polyester so tough that it should withstand a hammer blow without chipping and all major sections are sealed from the elements to prevent internal corrosion.

The body too, is intended to weather more than a few winters. Hand rolled Aluminium bonnet with the main body designed with an integral floor for a structural integrity is formed from a substantial polyester composite moulding.

The entire body work is set off to perfection with a deep lustrous surface finish using the latest generation of acrylic paint to ensure that it will stay looking fine for many years to come.

In cars of this type, one area often neglected is the suspension development, not so with the Vincent MPH, driving pleasure was one of the principal aims and with that in mind Leaf springs have been replaced by Coil over Shock absorber as the main method of ride and handling control.

Today, the Vincent MPH business is part of Dwornik Engineering.

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