Vincent MPH
Riley inspired Rag Top

Price List Vincent MPH

Option 1

Factory built Vincent MPH.

Price list for these beautiful Vincent MPH sports cars, Any choice of coachwork and trim colour you would like, please talk to us about the possibilities.

Price £23,000

Vincent Kitcar
Vincent Kitcar

Option 2

DIY, Vincent MPH as above but you have the fun of assembling it yourself.

Everything included EXCEPT the paint, battery and fluids.

Price £15,900

Option 3

Standard Specification Starter Package Includes:-

  • Aluminium Bonnet Panels with stainless steel hinges
  • Aluminium Radiator casting
  • Composite ( GRP, Fibreglass ) body section with internal floor and battery box Doors, Four Full sized wings
  • Front and rear Valances, (GRP, Fibreglass )
  • Dashboard steel ( Black Crackle finish ) Panel ready to receive dials
  • Powder coated or Painted chassis in Satin Black
  • Roll hoop (internal Safety hoop under the dash, supports the steering column and prevents Side Impact intrusion!)
  • Stainless Steel Radiator Grille, ( Woven wire mesh )
  • Wing supports, Headlamp Bar, Running Board supports, Seat belt brackets

All the necessary plated Nyloc Nuts and Bolts to secure each item supplied.

Price £5,995

Bespoke Engine Fitment

We love to make the Vincent MPH more interesting and offer a bespoke engine fitting service.

If you have an old or period engine that you would like to use then please talk to us about that.

Standard Engine & Gearbox fitments are

  • MGB & 4 speed box
  • Triumph Straight 6 cylinder ( 1600, 2000 or 2.500 Ltr ) or 2.0Ltr
  • Ford 4 cylinder Carburettor engine & 4 or 5 speed gearbox.

More modern fitments are available but we do like the simplicity and character of carburettors, talk to us with your views.

Build Manual set

Comprehensive and detailed Build Manual, Brochure & promotional post card.

Price, £20, refunded when purchasing Cars or Kits.

Vincent Kitcar Manual Vincent Kitcar Manual
Fly Screen for the Vincent

Fly Screen

Additional wind deflection for Aero Screens

This is an extra wind deflector for you to mount your Aero screens on. It covers the width of the bulkhead.

Price £260

Brake System

Brake flexible hoses

Set of 4 Brake Flexible Hoses = £50 Plus Fitting

Remote Servo, = £295 plus Fitting
This IS a DUAL circuit REMOTE servo, the only one made and available

Remote dual servo

Brake System

GT6 / Vitesse 9.5” Diampeter Type 16 calipers, Pads = £64
Spitfire / Herals 9” Discs, Type 14 calipers, Pads = £38.50
Plus fitting,

Brake pads

Donor Suspension package

Front, Brakes, Wishbones, Uprights, ARB, Hubs & Steering rack, etc, Rear, Axle, Brakes, Steering Column & Pedal box etc. As off the Donor car without being refurbished.
Price £225

Refurbished, new Brakes, Bearings, Sandblasted & Painted etc.
Price £1770

Prices will be confirmed at the time of ordering and may be subject to alteration only by mutual agreement.

Our Trim Department

The Trim Department at work

Vincent MPH Accessories

Stainless steel rear luggage rack,
Spot and Fog lights,
Badge Bar,
Union Jack flags,
Polished aluminium radiator castings,
Real leather bonnet straps.

Vincent MPH Boot Rack



Stainless steel rear carrier, mounted directly to the boot with hidden bolts into each leg.

£130 plus postage

Stainless steel rear carrier

Spot lights and Badge bar really add to the aesthetics at the font end.

Spot lights and badge bar

A pre war look, we can supply these specially made Distressed !! Union Jacks,
Self adhesive, 10” x 6.5” in size.
£22 per pair, including postage in UK.

Distressed-look Union Jack

Aluminium Casting to replace the GRP Fibreglass radiator shell is available together with Double crimped woven wire mesh, £350 plus postage.

Aluminium radiator shell

Bonnet straps, real leather, £150 plus postage per pair.

Bonnet straps for the Vincent MPH