Vincent MPH
Riley inspired Rag Top

Pre-Owned Vincents
Riley Cars, pre-war inspired replica cars for sale

White Riley / Vincent MPH

Factory built, all the accessories, a unique configuration.

Blue Vincent MPH

With a personal plate, WV 9679, included in the sale.

This car is in excellent condition. Wanting for nothing. Superb to drive well beyond its 1930s image.

Red Vincent MPH

1600cc Triumph Vitesse engine, as original, with Lucas Dynamo, Control box etc.
Runs and sounds superb !

White Vincent MPH

Unique, ie there is Only One like this in the Universe !!

PYA 230L, Vincent MPH

2.0 Ltr, 4 cylinder with low mileage.

1700cc Ford X Flow

4 speed gearbox,

Old English White, Red Interior.

2.1 Ltr Ford Pinto

5 speed gearbox,
Stunning Blue, Red Interior,
This car is the Best so Far !!!

2.0 Ltr Ford Pinto

5 speed gearbox,
Eclipse Blue, Red Interior.

2.0 Ltr Ford Pinto

4 speed gearbox,
Red, Black Interior,
This car has even lived in Latvia.