Vincent MPH
Riley inspired Rag Top

Pre-owned Vincents for Sale

Vincent 6 MPH, 7736 KX ( age related registration )

Vincent 6 Undercover


1600cc Triumph Vitesse engine, as original, with Lucas Dynamo, Control box etc.

Runs and sounds superb !


Vacuum assisted, Stromberg side draught Carburettors.
Standard fitment to the Vitesse.


Bucket seats and Trim panels are in Black upholstery (Mercedes Grain) Faux Leather, waterproof, FMVSS 302 standard, Fire resistant

Carpets are automotive quality weather proof.

Wine Red coachwork

Total ground up rebuild

Hood and side screens, Double Duck, traditional material used for trimming the hoods of pre-war and vintage vehicles.


Wind deflectors.

Aero screens, Auster pattern



Rear decorative fin at the stern
Vintage pattern Blockley Tyres 5 block, 5.50 x 15”

Dual circuit brakes
Widened driver footwell.

OIRO £15,500