Vincent MPH
Riley inspired Rag Top

Vincent MPH Riley
Inspired by the Riley MPH

Vincent MPH Brakes - Improvements

We have been working to improve the overall performance of Vincent MPH brakes.

Three scenarios

First One
Your car has had little use over the years and it is a Fact the Rubber brake flexible pipes collapse inside. So the out side looks ok but the inside collapses and restricts the fluid flow, to the point in some cases that fluid can not flow.

Vehicle manufacturers actually stipulate that the flexible hoses should be replaced ever 5 years or so.

Flexible brakes hoses

Second One
We have found the Brake Pads in the Spitfire / Herald Type 14 calipers could well be wrong. The pads are the same pattern ( look exactly the same, just different part numbers ) as Rear application pads on some cars and they specifically have a different and Lower friction level than is appropriate for Front application.

Now, because the Vincent MPH is its own design, weight balance and distribution etc, it is Not the same as its Donor car therefore the brake set-up needs to be designed specifically for the Vincent.

The Vincent brake Front / Rear bias balance needs to be improved towards the Front brakes.

Mintex brake pads

So we now have a new range of Brake pad material for the front brakes, Spitfire Type 14 and GT6 Type 16 calipers.

Selected from the renowned Mintex range these pads (above) will improve the overall braking efficiency and balance of your cars braking system.

Third One
A Remote Servo can be fitted to vastly uprate the braking and bring it more in line with the usual modern braking standards, BUT the flexible hoses and Mintex brake pads must be done first !! It is no use to increase the Pressure on the brakes without first improving the Front / Rear Balance. Too much braking on the Rear is a recipe for doing unintended 360 Degree spins or arriving backwards into the Pub car park, or worse !!

Dual servo