Vincent MPH
Riley inspired Rag Top

Self Build Self Assembly

In 1896 the Englishman Thomas Hyler White developed a design for a car that could be assembled at home and technical designs were published in a magazine called The English Mechanic.

In 1962 Lotus produced the Lotus Elan which could also be bought as a Kit of parts, ie, kitcar. So Self build or self assembley or kit cars are in the British psyche !!

The Vincent MPH brings the British passion for kit cars together with a classic British sports car – the Riley MPH.

Will it fit into my garage? Its overall length is 12ft, and width 5ft. Weight, approximately 750kg, 3/4 Ton, depending upon Engine, Gearbox and Wheels specification.

Build Options

Option 1
For those not time to build, the factory built option means that we can complete a very substantial part of it for you, your choice of colour coachwork & trim.

Option 2
The Vincent can be supplied to you with virtually everything prepared, except painting, and would be very easy to complete within a three week holiday.

Option 3
Bearing in mind that one person can build a complete car in five weeks from start to finish it really depends how much time you have available.

This comprises a chassis which is fully bracketed and painted with the main section of the body tub and its aluminium bonnet panels, stainless hinge and radiator surround all made to size and fitted. That then makes the rest of the car a simple nut and bolt exercise.

The rounded boot is your luggage space which can also house the spare wheel. Also we have a very neat stainless carrier which can carry a large suitcase or “Picnic Hamper”.

Like the Riley MPH and in keeping with Classic cars the Vincent MPH has a Ladder frame chassis with extra cross bracing to make it very stiff. This produces very positive and predictable handling.

Left hand drive is available for export vehicles.